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          SAVE Group

          Management of Venice Marco Polo Airport

          SAVE, set up in 1987 and listed on the MTA market of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) since 2005, is the parent company of a Group which has integrated operations in the passenger service sector. It operates in three main business areas: airport management; mobility infrastructure management; Food & Beverage and Retail.

          SAVE Group owns a 27.65% stake in Brussels Charleroi airport and is currently the only Italian airport management company to participate in the management of a foreign airport. In 2012 SAVE Group had a total of 2,945 employees and reported consolidated revenues of 352.5 million euros.

          For further information consult the SAVE Group website.



          Management of Venice Marco Polo Airport

          The airport management operations concentrate mainly on development the infrastructures and flight network of the Venice-Treviso airport system, which with more than 10.5 million passengers in 2012 is the third largest Italian airport after Rome and Milan.
          Through coordinated management of the two airports, it is possible to develop their potential and to provide an integrated service for the local area. In particular, Venice Marco Polo Airport is Italy's third largest intercontinental gateway with direct scheduled flights to New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dubai, Doha, Montreal, Toronto and (as of April 2014) Tokyo.

          The growth plan for Venice Airport involves:

          • The creation of operating bases by carriers with an extensive network of domestic and international destinations
          • Developing daily and weekly flights from Venice to the major European hubs in order to provide rapid connections to destinations worldwide
          • Starting up new non-stop flights for destinations with high traffic potential
          • Boosting direct long-haul connections so as to offer an extensive service to distant destinations via intercontinental hubs.

          The Group's other airports

          Antonio Canova Treviso Airport

          Charleroi - Bruxelles Airport

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