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          Non-Schengen flights

          Documents and guidelines for passengers travelling to and from countries outside the European Union.

          Passengers arriving in Italy

          If you are travelling from a country outside the European Union (non-EU), your documents will be checked by border police on arrival at Venice Airport. If your documents are not in order, you will not be permitted to leave the airport. In accordance with procedure, passengers without valid documents will be repatriated.

          For detailed information see the Foreign Ministry website.

          Passengers travelling abroad

          If your destination is a non-EU country, remember to check the validity and expiry date of your passport prior to departure.

          For detailed information on the necessary documents, visit the Viaggiare Sicuri website produced by the Italian Foreign Ministry's Crisis Unit.

          Further information can be found on the ENAC website.

          How to speed up Police border control

          If you are 14 years old and an European Union citizen, we recommend that you always travel with your biometric passport.

          You can have your documents checked, at the e-Gates, for direct flights, or for flights from countries outside the European Union.

          Venice Airport has invested in this new technology to make your queueing time much shorter!

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