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          Special assistance

          Assistance at Venice Marco Polo Airport for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).

          General information

          In compliance with EC Regulation No. 1107/2006, since 26 July 2008 SAVE S.p.A. has provided assistance for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) at Venice Marco Polo Airport.
          The EC Regulation makes the airport managing body responsible for providing assistance at European Airports and ensures that an equivalent level of assistance is guaranteed throughout Europe.

          For this purpose, Venice Marco Polo Airport has:

          • a mobile landing stage at the dock,
          • free reserved parking,
          • and "Sala Amica", a special lounge near the check-in area in the Departures hall.

          Assistance for PRM is totally free of charge.

          Find on the map the PRM Call Spot

          How to apply for assistance

          To ensure the best possible service, you should ask the airline for PRM assistance either when booking or at least 48 hours before departure.

          The airline will notify all airports included in the passenger's itinerary.
          Not booking PRM service or delay in requiring PRM service could lead to delays in airport assistance operations.

          The airline may ask for further information on the kind of assistance required, the need for transport and use of medical equipment and/or mobility aids, and the need to travel with recognised assistance dogs.

          In certain cases (e.g. during post-operative convalescence), the airline may ask for a doctor's authorisation to fly.

          Baggage and assistance dogs

          The EC Regulation grants disabled persons or reduced mobility an increased free baggage allowance for the transport of medical supplies and/or mobility equipment, up to a maximum of two devices.

          Furthermore, "recognised assistance dogs" are allowed to travel in the cabin of aircraft without any additional charges provided the carrier is notified in advance, in compliance with national regulations applicable to the transportation of dogs.

          To facilitate the retrieval of checked baggage and make it easily identifiable, it is advisable to apply an identifying mark, such as a colored ribbon. Free assistance in retrieving baggage is provided for a reasonable amount of luggage per person.

          Arriving at Venice Airport

          PRM assistance is provided from the time of disembarkation from the aircraft through to one of the connecting points for your onward journey which correspond to the PRM call spots.

          Departing from Venice Airport

          You can receive assistance upon your arrival at the airport at the PRM call spot, the check-in, the Special assistance lounge or the Information Office.

          Check-in times

          To receive the required assistance and to complete the check-in procedure, please be sure to arrive at the designated help points or directly at the check-in desk at a good time.

          Please be at one of the help points or check-in desks, at least:

          • 3 hours before departure if your destination requires passport control,
          • 2 hours before departure for all other flights.


          PRM holders of the European parking permit are entitled to park free of charge in the reserved spaces in all car parks at Venice Marco Polo Airport.
          To get free parking, please show the parking ticket, the parking permit, and your ID card at the Terminal info point or parking attendants. 

          Any companion is requested to show, in addition to the mentioned documents, a copy of parking permit holder flight ticket/boarding pass.

          Help points

          You can request assistance at any PRM call spot or directly at the check-in desk.

          You will receive assistance according to your needs until you board the aircraft.

          The PRM call spots are located:


          • Terminal - Ground Floor, door 1*
          • Terminal - First Floor, door 7
          • P1 Park - Second Floor
          • P1 Park – Rental Car
          • Short Term Park
          • Dock - Pier N.2
          • Dock - Pier N.13

          * PRM call spot currently under installation

          Refer to the Airport Maps.

          Who is the service for?

          The Airport provides assistance to the following types of PRM, identified by the relevant international IATA codes:

          • Blind or vision impaired passengers (code BLND)
          • Mobility impaired passengers: 
            • Persons who are unable to walk long distances but can ascend and descend steps and walk on their own (code: WCHR)
            • Persons who are unable to walk long distances or ascend/descend steps but can make their own way to/from cabin seat (code: WCHS)
            • Passengers who are paraplegic/quadriplegic, require an on-board wheelchair and must be carried to/from cabin seat (code: WCHC)
          • Deaf Passengers or with hearing disabilities (code: DEAF)
          • Passengers with intellectual or developmental disabilities (code: DPNA).


          If you do not receive the assistance you need, you can file an initial complaint to the airline. If this does not meet with an adequate response, you can then submit a format complaint to ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), the organisation designated by the Italian state to oversee the rights of disabled passengers or with reduced mobility.

          Quality standards

          To see the quality standards of the ground handling assistance provided to persons with reduced mobility, go to the Service Charter page.

          Special equipment

          Venice Airport provides the following equipment for this service:

          • Wheelchairs of various sizes for use with a travelling companion or member of staff for transport inside the airport
          • Variable height wheelchairs for boarding
          • Wheelchairs for temporary use in the case of delayed return or damage to the passenger's own wheelchair during the flight
          • Ambulift and minivan for boarding and disembarking from aircraft

          Minivan for transport to and from the help points at the airport.

          Contact information

          Save information office Tel. +39 041-260.9260

          Complaints  –  email 

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