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          Wait for your flight at “Marco Polo” Vip Lounge in boarding gates area. An exclusive and refined experience where you can find at your disposal Snacks and Drinks, Wi-Fi, Newspapers and Magazines, Smartphone charging sockets and a breathtaking terrace on the Laguna and the airfiled. Your VIP Lounge ticket is valid for one access and can be used within 1 year from the date entered when purchasing online.
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          With Fast Track you have a dedicated security lane and get much more quickly to Gates Area. Your Fast Track ticket is valid for one access and can be used within 1 year from the date entered at the time of online purchase.

          Baggage rules: what items can travel with you

          Venice Marco Polo Airport baggage guidelines and rules.

          Follow our advice and fly safe

          Organize the things you take with you Organize the things
          you take with you

          General information: weight, labels, locks

          Contact your travel agency or airline for information on size and weight restrictions for carry-on and hold baggage (checked-in) and collect information when trasporting sports equipment and animals.
          If your baggage exceeds the size or weight limits, you may be charged an excess baggage fee.

          Always attach a label to your baggage showing your first name and surname, address and telephone number.

          Before securing your baggage with padlocks, straps or wrap-around plastic, check whether the legislation requires baggage to be opened for security screening.

          List of prohibited items

          The list currently consists of the following items:

          • Firearms and ammunition
          • Explosives, fireworks and other pyrotechnics
          • Compressed gases (flammable, non-flammable, refrigerated or poisonous) such as camping gas and aerosol sprays for self-defence
          • Flammable substances (liquids and solids)
          • Infectious or poisonous substances
          • Corrosive substances
          • Radioactive substances
          • Oxidising substances
          • Magnetising substances
          • Alarm devices
          • Diving lights with batteries inserted.

          This list is subject to change according to circumstances and at the discretion of the authorities.

          Rules for liquids

          On 06/11/2006 the European Union (EU) introduced new security rules restricting the amount of liquids that can be taken in hand luggage through airport security checkpoints.

          Only small quantities of liquids are permitted. These liquids must be placed in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each or equivalent (e.g. 100 gr).
          These containers must be packed in a single transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity no greater than 1 litre (or with dimensions for example of approximately 18 x 20 cm).
          The containers must fit comfortably into the bag, allowing it to be closed without difficulty.

          Each passenger (including infants) may carry only one such transparent bag. Liquid medicines and liquids for special dietary requirements (such as baby food) may be carried without volume restrictions and without needing to be packed in a transparent bag.

          Liquids include:

          • Water and other drinks, soups and syrups
          • Creams, lotions and oils
          • Perfumes
          • Sprays
          • Gels, including hair and shower gels
          • Contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
          • Pastes, including toothpaste
          • Liquid-solid mixtures
          • Mascara

          Any other item of similar consistency.
          Read the official regulation on liquids

          Rules for medicines, products for dietary requirements, baby food

          From January 31st, 2014, can be transported out of the bag but separate from your hand luggage before security checks, the following liquids:

          • Medicines (without the obligation to submit a medical prescription)
          • Products for dietary requirements (liquids readily available in the sterile area such as soft drinks and bar products are not included)
          • Baby food (without the obligation of the presence of the child)

          Transportation weapons

          Transportation is subject to advance booking and acceptance by the airline. Check with the airline's official website for booking details and costs.


          • Weapons (bladed weapons, firearms and compressed air weapons) and ammunition may only be transported in the hold.
          • Weapons must be unloaded, disassembled and packed in special closed containers.
          • Ammunition must be packed in special shock and fire-resistant containers.

          Drop-off and collection:

          • Weapons and ammunition must be labelled at the check-in desk and then handed over to the Airport Police, who will check the documentation in the passenger's possession and then load them on board the aircraft.
          • On arrival at Venice Marco Polo Airport, weapons and ammunition must be collected from the Airport Police.
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