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          New procedure for the Tax Refund

          On 1 August at Venice Marco Polo Airport, the experimental phase begins of the “OTELLO 2.0” project, which the Italian Customs Agency is implementing to simplify and digitize the processes for obtaining VAT refunds.

          Global Blue, Premier Tax Free e Tax Refund, the Tax Refund companies in the airport, are already accredited for OTELLO 2.0. This means that if you have the tax-refund form of these companies for purchases made in Italy, you must go directly and primarily to the respective desks of Global Blue, Premier Tax Free and Tax Refund on the first floor. Companies staff will inform you if you must then also go to Customs.

          All other passengers (with tax-refund forms relating to purchases made outside Italy) must continue to go for the time being directly and primarily to Customs.

          Please note that if the tax-refund office is closed, you must first go to Customs. Only afterwards, you can leave the form in the mailbox of the relevant tax-refund company which will be near the relevant office.

          Moreover, starting from the 1 September 2018, it will be mandatory to issue an electronic invoice, so if you who wish to receive VAT refund/remission please make sure that the point of sale issues an electronic invoice.

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