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          Travelmate: an app-based audioguide service that allows you to visit the most beautiful Italian and European cities

          Travelmate is an app which offer audioguides created by some art experts. They can show you the wonders of the city that you are going to visit.

          The audioguides are available for the most beautiful Italian cities and spots:
          - Milano
          - Florence
          - Venice
          - Rome
          - Pisa
          - Naples
          - Turin
          - Assisi
          - Lecce
          - Verona
          - Trento
          - Bergamo
          - Palermo
          - Cinque Terre

          And also for the main capital cities of the World:
          - Parigi
          - Madrid
          - London
          - Berlin
          - Prague
          - Barcelona
          - Athens
          - Amsterdam
          - Beijing
          - New York
          - Miami
          - Hong Kong
          - Washington
          - Tokyo
          - Singapore
          - Dubai

          Download here the app and use the code: PROMOSAVE



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