Fly safely

          What the Airport is doing for you

          Disinfection and sanitization protocols are shared and mandatory for all airport operators and stakeholders (handlers, sub-concessionaires, security staff etc.).
          Safety for those who work
          Every day disinfection of all workplaces is carried out, further sanitized at each shift change.
          Safety for travelers
          Every day disinfection of all transit areas and toilets is carried out; the catering areas; the contact surfaces (handrails, handles, etc.); all the means used for the transport of passengers and the areas of the terminals used by the passengers (waiting areas, check-in gates, etc.).
          Maximum security
          We are equipped with special devices to guarantee maximum safety for passengers and operators and we have installed numerous hand sanitiser facilities in all areas of the terminal.
          Thermal cameras
          We have installed thermal cameras in the arrivals and departures areas of the terminal to check body temperature and report anomalies.
          Safety devices
          Only passengers and operators with facemask and gloves are allowed to access the terminal.
          We guarantee distance
          We redesigned all the flows that could have led to gatherings between people. Terminal entrances and exits are controlled to ensure social distancing.
          Safety on departure and arrival
          We optimized the layouts of shared areas to ensure distancing during check-in, security, boarding, and baggage claim on arrival.
          Space management
          Food areas are organized and managed according to the current distancing protocols. Boarding to the airplane by finger will be preferred, avoiding when possible inter-run buses.

          Practical guide for your trip

          • We recommend online check-in, if your airline provides this option, in order to limit interaction at the check-in desks.
          • Prepare at home your documents and self-certifications required for your air journey.
          • Get to the airport early to have enough time to carry out the new procedures.
          • Get to the airport already equipped with a facemask and gloves that you must always wear; we suggest you bring some additional equipment with you.
          • Only passengers with a ticket/boarding card can enter the terminal on their departing day. Exceptions are made for a person accompanying either traveling children or accompanying PRM passengers who have booked the journey as a passenger with reduced mobility (PRM).
          • Entrance is on the first floor, door no. 8; escalators and external elevators are available.
          • Always keep the interpersonal distance inside the terminal (minimum 1 meter from other people), in particular in the queuing at check-in, security, and at the gates following the signage provided.
          • Before security checks, be ready to provide you boarding pass and self-certification, which will be checked by the Police.
          • Your body temperature will be checked through a thermal camera (thermoscanner); if it exceeds 37.5 °, you won?t be allowed to access the terminal and will go through an additional check by medical staff.
          • Security checks are unchanged: visit our pages forsecurity cheksand baggage rules.  
          • We inform you that, at the moment, Retail and Food offer has been limited.
          • For non-Schengen flights we recommend that you have an electronic passport to use the e-gates and speed-up operations. Border controls remain unchanged.
          • After security checks, wait for your boarding keeping the interpersonal distance (minimum 1 meter from other people).
          • One more tip: if possible, travel with only hand baggage to avoid check-in baggage.

          • Passengers who have been traveling to/ from NON-EU Countries in the last 14 days are required to declare it to the Police.
          • Upon your arrival at the airport, your body temperature will be checked with a thermal camera (thermoscanner).
          • facemask and glovesthat you must always wear inside the terminal; we recommend that you have spare gloves and facemasks with you.
          • Make sure you have your self-certification with you, which will be checked upon your arrival at the terminal.
          • Remember to always keep the interpersonal distance inside the terminal (minimum 1 meter from other people)
          • Border controls are unchanged; we suggest you have a biometric passport.
          • If you need to collect your checked baggage, go to the baggage delivery belt indicated on the monitors and check the signage on the ground to maintain the recommended interpersonal distance. In case of loss or damage to your luggage, contact immediately the Lost & Found office, located near the baggage belts; do not leave the area before having filed your case.
          • Exit using door no. 1 on the ground floor.



            • How can I get to the airport by public transport?

              At the moment, public transport to and from the airport is reduced. For updated timetable information, check public transport websites ACTV (, Alilaguna (, ATVO (

              Get your ticket at the automatic ticket machines at the airport.

            • What are the open car parks?

              If you arrive by car, the open car parks are:

              P Short Term, for shortstops and with the first 10 minutes free, suitable for those who accompany or come to pick someone up;

              P 1 P1 for longer stops.

              For information on parking prices and reservations, visit the website:

            • ZTC

              Remember that the ZTC, Controlled Traffic Zone, is active and that you have 7 minutes to exit the airport zone or access a parking lot. For more info visit the ZTC page


            • What are the open dining?

              - Before the security checks: Emporio del Grano, open until the last flight of the day.

            • What are the shops open?

              Before the security checks:Relay tobacconist open until the last flight of the day.

            • Is the Lost & Found Office open?

              The office is open during a flight operation; depending on the company you flew with, your case will be handled by handling companies GH Italia or Aviation Service. Check your handler

              Check your handler here.

            • Is the Information Office open?

              LOpen every day h24, phone number +39 041 2609260.

            • I have a request for Lost & Found items at the Airport.

              Fill out the form on this PAGE.

          Special assistance

          The Special Assistance services for the disabled and people with reduced mobility are operational.We remember the importance of booking them through the airline 48 hours before departure.
          For more information consult the PAGE.
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